Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Positive Actions Regarding our Environment

When we discuss our environment, we are often very critical and negative, but I love to look at the positive results coming from an increased knowledge that we have today regarding our ecosystem!

Some very positive actions being taken regarding the environment, include:

1. Switzerland is moving toward banning plastic bags: In the month of December, the Swiss Parliament voted to ban single-use plastic bags, now the next step is to implement the ban. These bags are used typically for less than an hour, but take hundreds of years to disappear. Further, petroleum, a nonrenewable energy source, is used to make plastic bags, reducing the amount we have to be a source of energy. Lastly, plastic bags greatly harm wildlife, as many animals mistake them for food and therefore die of starvation. The kill over 100,000 animals per year. Overall, Switzerland's movement is a great step in the right direction! I hope other countries begin to follow suit.

2. Schools in Colorado are installing solar panels: Fourteen Colorado schools recently installed over 5,000 solar panels on their roofs. It is estimated that the project will help eliminate over 110 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalently to 300 cars off the road each year. Not only is this movement towards solar energy very cost effective and great for the environment, but also educational for the students. This amazes me and makes me wish my school could afford such a project..

3. England plans to preserve forests through a Public Trust: England plans to sell 15% of its publicly-held forests. Instead, they will protect these forests for future generations with a trust.

4. Asia Pulp and Paper Company is no longer clearing forests: Asia Pulp and Paper Company, which produces over 18 million tons of paper annually, has announced they are halting all of their suppliers from clearing forests. Instead, the company agrees to only sell products harvested from farm trees only. This will help to protect various habitats, which are important components of our ecosystem.

5. Electricity will be saved on the Super Bowl: With the Super Bowl being the most widely watched television broadcast in history, they actually have inquired ways to save energy during the game. By promoting people to watch the game with a large group of friends, less appliances are used and therefore energy is saved. Also, the National Football League has partnered up with various organizations, like Second Harvest Food Bank and Local Utility Energy Corporation, which have help the Super Bowl reduce their energy costs.

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