Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Effects of Pollution

Seeing these images, which are due to pollution and improper disposal of waste products, upsets me so much! Why is this happening and why can't we all realize that this is a major issue that is harming our environment, including animals and people.. So upsetting.


  1. These pictures are disturbing. Not only do people not understand the consequences of their actions, they don't seem to be changing their ways. I think that if more of these images were displayed, people would realize the harmful things that can happen every time they throw away a six pack plastic bottle holder or not recycle their plastic goods. It's sad to see that pollution caused by humans are doing this to animals, and it's hurting the environment as well as them.

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting these images. It's sad how individuals in today's society can't take less than a minute of their time to dispose properly of products. These pictures upset me.

  3. Do you think people are aware of the consequences of improperly disposing trash? Or do you think they do not care? I think that some people aren't properly informed about pollution. I think that maybe putting more information out there, could potentially help decrease pollution and increase recycling. I also think there should be harsher punishments for littering.